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Our Food

Cold Mezza


Classic Hummus

Classic Lebanese hummus made from scratch


Walnuts & Cashew nuts mixed with capsicum, cumin & tomatoes

Garlic Labneh

Strained soft yogurt with Himalayan salt, smoked olive oil & black garlic topped with Lebanese wild Zaatar

Labneh & Zaatar

Strained soft yogurt topped with Lebanese wild thyme


Side of assorted Lebanese olives

Eggplant Salad

Grilled smoked eggplant mixed with red & green bell peppers, olive oil & pomegranate


A bed of Labneh topped with oil aged eggplants filled with walnuts & red peppers

Pomegranate Moutabal

Roasted eggplant, mixed with garlic tahina, yogurt, lemon juice & fresh pomegranate

House stuffed grape leaves

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, parsley & tomatoes cooked in a lemon broth served chilled

Goat Labneh

6 goat Labneh Balls served with vegetables

Fattoush Salad

12 ingredients of local vegetables, herbs & oils topped with Lebanese fried pita & pomegranate molasses

Hot Mezza


Fried Kibbeh

House Fried Kibbeh shells stuffed with onions & rib ground beef + yogurt & mint

Lebanese Birds

3 oven roasted Hajal birds (quails)

Batata harra

Fried potato cubes in a garlic, tomato, & cilantro seasoning

Makanik Sausages

House Makanik sausage sauteed in a reduced pomegranate molasses


Fried cauliflower tossed in a lemon tahina & pomegranate sauce

Housemade Lebanese Sujuk

House spicy sausage sauteed with onion, garlic, lemon, cherry tomatoes, & pomegranate

Chicken Liver

Sauteed chicken Liver with onions & pomegranate molasses

Hummus Kawarma

Classic Hummus topped with Kawarma Beef slices

Halloumi Cheese

Pan seared Halloumi served with vegetables

Calamari lemoni

Fried calamari tossed in a zaatar lemoni cream sauce



Baklava Pie

A Lebanese pie made from Baklava dough stuffed with rice, peas, marinated beef, & a wide variety of nuts served with yogurt

Wagyu pulled Shawarma

1/2 LB Pulled Brant lake wagyu Beef Shawarma, onions, parsley & sumac, pickle, roasted tomatoes, Rice and tahina tarator sauce

Fattah Kawarma

Bed of fried pita, Herbed chickpeas, cured yogurt, cold pressed olive oil, basil butter, pine nuts, & Kawarma Lamb slices



Lamb Shank

22 oz Saffron braised Lamb Shank over a bed of pistachio mashed potatoes

Surf & Turf

A Lamb Shank & A Lobster tail for a dreamy combination

Lamb Rib

Slow cooked full 2 LB Lamb Rib glazed with a Lebanese sumac BBQ sauce served with house mashed potatoes



Oven roasted Duck Leg

Marinated Duck Leg confit finished in the oven glazed in pomegranate reduction over a bed of muhammara

Hajal Birds

5 oven roasted Hajal birds (quails) topped with a Lebanese raisin gravy served over a bed of our house rice


Sea Food

Fish & Tajen

BC Haddock white fillets, pulled then cooked in a Lebanese Tajen sauce + House rice

Twin Lobster

Twin Lobster tails drizzled with house sumac butter with sides of our muhammara, Moutabal & Labneh

Salmon Lemoni

BC King Salmon with a caper, artichoke, wild zaatar & sun dried tomato cream sauce over a bed of house mashed potatoes

Fattah Shrimp

Bed of fried pita, Herbed chickpeas, cured yogurt, cold pressed olive oil, basil butter, pine nuts, pomegranate & shrimps



Chicken Lemoni

Chicken Breast with a caper, artichoke, wild zaatar & sundried tomato cream sauce over a bed of house mashed potatoes

Oven roasted Cornish Hen

Lebanese marinated & oven roasted 2 LB whole Cornish game Hen, Turmeric Lamb Rice & garlic sauce

Chicken Tawouk

1/2 LB Marinated Chicken Tawouk, house pickle, Turmeric Saffron Rice, Hot sauce and Garlic sauce




Baked aubergines, chickpeas, onion cooked in a tomato ragout served with a side of rice


Baklava & ice-cream

Lebanese Baklava with a side of house vanilla ice-cream

Kanafeh (limited)

House made Kanafeh topped with Lebanese qater

Cheesecake & Nutella

Oven Finished Cheesecake topped with a huge scoop of melted Nutella chocolate

QUBE Lebanese Cuisine,
1850 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

5-11 p.m Daily